Storyteller, dancer, fitness trainer, plant-based eating animal lover, meditator, actress, event coordinator, tree hugger, dance teacher, lover of films, music, books, art, cater waiter, oh wait, you aren’t supposed to know that last one, struggles with anxiety, food, plays drums in rock bands, oh wait, those three are in the past so don’t actually exist, screenwriter, author, oh wait, those haven’t happened yet but will, among infinity of other things that already have happened, and will happen, oh wait, everything that’s ever happened or will happen is actually happening right now since time is an illusion so, also International and Transformational Speaker!, Singer! Eternal Creator!, lives in San Francisco, LA and Kauai! blissfully in love!, has everything and is everything already! So about me? Walt Whitman! I mean, hello. I hope you see yourself in me, because I see myself in you. We are one and the same. Nice to meet you again.