First Post!

Ok, so this has been years in the making. Why? Because I’ve been blocked creatively and unable to get clarity on who the hell I am (well actually I’m ok with not knowing) and what I want to do, that I just couldn’t decide to do even one thing.

“It’s not that we don’t have anything to say, it’s that we have an infinite amount of things to say” – Somebody Awesome Who Said That Sometime. But so did someone else. That doesn’t make it any less awesome.

Overwhelmed at the choices, that’s how it’s felt. And not only into infinity of possible things to talk about (like that’s not crippling enough), but there’s also an infinite amount of perspectives and angles (just my own!) that I could express those ideas from. All depending on where I am, how I’m feeling, at the moment. Yes I have narrowed it down to some key things to start with, I do have ideas that I’m excited to share with you, dear human. But the planning and getting it right and deciding which thing to start with, that’s what’s kept me from not starting. So right now I’m just starting, without knowing where it’s going to lead.

This morning I decided “ooh yeah, I’ll start with that idea! Today’s the day.” And now that idea is not the thing I’m starting with because I just want to have some goddamn fun doing this and not knowing what I’m going to say. That’s what I want most of all. I’m realizing lately how I’ve never really fully allowed myself to play. Having fun isn’t part of my day to day existence. It never really has been. It’s been rare, way too rare. I’ve been too busy analyzing and planning and worrying. And to me, the idea of fun translates, right now that is, to being free and unstuck. By what? By caring about what other people think! That must be it. That’s what’s at the bottom of so much of our anxiety, if we really keep going with the layers of feelings of unworthiness/what’s wrong with me? problems etc., we find so much of it comes down to, “what does the world think of me? I just want to be accepted! But I don’t deserve it because I’m, well, uh, I did this one thing once, my parents didn’t show me, I never learned, I don’t know what I’m doing, who am I?!” That kind of universal angst.  The thing I want most in the world is to learn how to not give a fuck.

Of course, we all do give a fuck. How can we not? I’ve generally thought of myself as someone who was pretty real overall, not phony like “that person, I’m so much more evolved than that. How sad that some people care so much what other people think of them”. And of course, that observation of someone else, that critique really, is simply of myself. Of “myself, pushed out”, as Neville Goddard would say.

There, I’ve already mentioned one of the most influential people in my life right now, whom I’ve never met and whom (who?) is dead. But also here. I will talk about them (him?) later.

But right now, hell, I’m writing! Finally. And I just found out it’s the Summer Solstice today. The longest day of the year. Perfect, as the process of me finally getting to this point seems like the longest life of my existence, and since I’ve existed through infinity itself, and so have you, and since I am you, and you are me (just a preview of a tangent of one place I’m really probably going with this thing), that’s a hell of a long time. But it’s also all happening right now, a long time is only in my mind of course. I can change who I am in a flash, as I can be all of it, and so can you.

This is my first entry of what I’m feeling, I don’t know for sure, I don’t think, just feel, is the start of something huge. I actually put my fingers on the keyboard and started a blog; but more importantly, took the risk to share it with the world. The hardest thing in the world, to the old me. The old me exists within the new me, and I do know she will continue to be there probably also into infiity (unless infinity only exists in this realm, maybe there really is an actual wall at the end of the Universe…until then). But today I’ve decided to love her and I also say hello to the new me. The latest me, that is. The latest me just speaks her mind and lets it out first, without thinking, without planning. That me was always there and I’m so glad to meet her, in this particular body, at this particular nanosecond in time.

So here I go, there’s so much to expand upon and so many ways I could edit this and re-read it and keep going and make it better. But that’s what’s held me back before, needing it to be perfect before I just start. So I’m just starting. Hallelujah! Thank you Tom Cruise! Thank you Oprah Winfrey! And Will Ferrell! (If you get that joke I really hope you keep reading, you’re my people. If you don’t, get the hell out. Just kidding, I love you.)

Happy Living Your Life as Who You Really Are Day! Let’s make it every day! (This message brought to you by someone who’s in the zone, and that will change too of course, and I’m ok with that. Stay tuned.)

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